Linux is the open source operating system that is free to all of its users that was developed in 1991. The company has programmers from all over the world. Linux is used the most in smart phones, gaming systems, and PDA’s. The people who use Linux the most are rental offices, Google, government agencies, Amazon, and Hollywood film companies. Many rental companies use the Linux system to enter the rental information along with the residential information. Google runs their search engines through Linux. The government agencies uses Linux because it is a safer and more secure operation systems than the other operating systems that they were using.The full explanation can be found at Amazon uses the Linux operating system to take orders, allow products to be shipped, and their customer service offices. Hollywood film companies use the Linux operating system as a way to run their companies. This is because there are less crashes and technical repairs that have to be done. This helps the company to work smoothly with less technical issues.

Linux has had a lot of developments lately. These developments include GNOME Color Chooser, Roes, Meeting Room Booking System, and Macs. The first development is GNOME Color Chooser. GNOME Color Chooser is a way to customize your desktop. It lets you decide how you want your desktop to look through their software program. The second development is Roes. Roes is a real estate management program. It is a free software program that is very flexible and easy to use for real estate agents. The third development is Meeting Room Booking System. Meeting Room Booking System is a easier way to book meeting rooms. It lets you see ahead of time which meeting rooms have been booked and who booked them. The fourth development is Macs. Macs is a new editing program. It lets the changes be done much faster which saves you time and lets you meet deadlines without a problem.