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PostHeaderIcon Running A Small Business Linux Operation On A Good Network

Small businesses come and go every year and while some struggle against all odds to make their mark, they just don’t seem to make the grade when the dust clears. Some small businesses flock to Linux for its reliability and user interface when it comes to programming and development but what some people don’t realize they need more than Linux is a reliable t1 network. Believe it or not, businesses need to expand if they want to be successful and Linux can only carry you so far. Plus, depending on what you are developing with Linux, you might find that you would benefit from the kinds of XO Communications services that can be found at places like

When a small business utilizes a t1 network infrastructure, they are leveraging the full force and capabilities of the internet in ways that allow them to accomplish a whole lot more web activity without risking damage to the network as a whole. Virtual meetings with clients across the globe, scheduling shipping and purchasing details and so much more, these are just a few of the things that can all be conducted online using a reliable t1 network and, best of all, you don’t need to worry about the network buckling under the weight of all that use.

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