PostHeaderIcon Where Consumers Can Purchase Linux Based OS Products

Where consumers can purchase Linux based OS Products might just surprise you. Most consumers think of OS (operating system) as a product found in the software department that is purchased and installed into their computer or perhaps already installed when a new computer is purchased. This is true however, Linux based OS goes beyond operating personal computers.

Linux based operating system can be found in products consumers use every day and the reason the consumers are unaware of Linux based OS is simply because the system is not advertised much like other operating systems. Linux based operating system is used in many products that consumers use every day for communication, transportation, and entertainment.

Consumers can purchase Linux based OS products nearly everywhere and anywhere cell phones, HD televisions, and DVR’s are sold. Linux based operating systems can even be found in printers that are considered high-end and in many automobiles, as well as in markets of productivity. Networking products such as firewalls, routers, and black boxes are often implanted with Linux based operating systems.

Automobile dealers, computer stores, office supply stores, electronic stores, and cell phone stores are a few places where consumers can purchase Linux based operating system products.

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