PostHeaderIcon Why Large Businesses Think Linux Is A Great Choice

When people think of business computing, they usually think of the Windows OS. There is a great alternative Linux. Linux is a free operating system and versions like Unbuntu look a lot like the Windows OS that people are familiar with. The nice thing is Linux is a very powerful versatile option for large businesses.

The applications most companies use are an Internet Browser, Office programs (like word processing and spreadsheet) and e-mail. There are free options for all of those types of programs like Mozilla’s Firefox for browsing the web, OpenOffice for your office suite, and Mozilla Thunderbird for email. If you absolutely need to use a Windows application, you can run an application called Wine and it will run as if it is on a Windows machine.

Most businesses have to maintain licensing contracts on their office products, this causes a lot of overhead and limits to how many systems could have particular software and stay within your working budget. Well with these free options, everyone can get the tools they need, save money, and reduce overall work for your IT department. For those who need commercial support, there is a company that sponsors it, but it not a requirement.

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