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PostHeaderIcon Where Consumers Can Purchase Linux Based OS Products

Where consumers can purchase Linux based OS Products might just surprise you. Most consumers think of OS (operating system) as a product found in the software department that is purchased and installed into their computer or perhaps already installed when a new computer is purchased. This is true however, Linux based OS goes beyond operating personal computers.

Linux based operating system can be found in products consumers use every day and the reason the consumers are unaware of Linux based Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Why Large Businesses Think Linux Is A Great Choice

When people think of business computing, they usually think of the Windows OS. There is a great alternative Linux. Linux is a free operating system and versions like Unbuntu look a lot like the Windows OS that people are familiar with. The nice thing is Linux is a very powerful versatile option for large businesses.

The applications most companies use are an Internet Browser, Office programs (like word processing and spreadsheet) and e-mail. There are free options Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Buying The Linux OS For Less In The Market.

You have a computer and you need to get an operating System.
Have you thought about installing the Linux operating rating system? You are able to get Linux as an open-source program, but you will need to have some knowledge in order to install the program. There is another option and that is to pay for the system on the market.
Do you know where to find the Linux system? What version should you get? Do you fee Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Why Linux Is Becoming So Popular In Small Businesses

Linux is an open-source software, that has rapidly become one of the premier computer operating systems of today. At one time, Linux’s main base was home users looking for a choice to restrictive or expensive mainstream operating systems, but now Linux is used by various types of people and organizations. The popularity of Linux has grown to such a point that some of the most popular computer manufacturers offer it as an operating system choice for new computers, and governments have worked to implement Linux as a way to help cut Read the rest of this entry »

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